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Practical Experiment
CRM342 – Practical Experiment A
Sketching from Verbal Description of Crime Scene
East wall of 12573 East Locust Street, Union City, New
The east wall is 12 feet long from north to south. There are
no windows in the east wall. A large (2 feet wide by 3 feet high) painting of a
vase with flowers is in the approximate center of the wall. The northern edge
of the painting is 3 feet, 8 inches from the northeast corner of the room. The
bottom of the painting is 3 feet, 8 inches off the floor and the painting is
level. Directly below the painting is a six-drawer dresser. The north edge of
the dresser is 2 feet from the northeast corner of the room. The dresser is 5
feet long, 2 feet, 8 inches high and 1 foot, 8 inches deep. The dresser is
composed of wood material in a natural oak color. The six drawers are arranged
in two equal columns of three drawers and each drawer is 8 inches high. A
number of personal hygiene items (deodorant, cologne, a hair brush, and a pair
of nail clippers) are on the top of the dresser. A small statue of a horse is
also on the dresser. The horse is roughly centered on the dresser. In the
southeast corner of the room, on an angle, is a wicker clothes hamper. The
hamper is 1 foot, 6 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 2 feet, 8 inches high. The
hamper is generally centered in the corner and about from both the east and
south walls at their closest points.
Adapted from D. Hayden’s (2004) Crime Scene Processing
Laboratory Manual and Workbook (Practical Exercise 1.6)
Sketching is a method of evidence preservation still used by
many police departments and crime scene units. In this assignment, you will
complete two sketches.
Sketch 1: Complete a sketch using verbal cues. Click here to
download the written instructions about the “crime scene.” Use graph paper
(preferred but not required) to sketch the scene for submission.
Sketch 2: Complete a sketch using visual cues. You will
choose either a room in your home or an outside of a building, and will use
graph paper (preferred but not required) to complete an elevation sketch for
Note: You will need to scan your sketches in order to submit
as a PDF to the Assignment box. If you cannot scan them, the next best option
is to take a high-resolution digital photograph and submit as a JPEG or other
image format.
Submit your assignment via the Assignment box no later than
Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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