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Module 1 discussion
Identify and discuss police strategies used today. Which
strategy does your local law enforcement agency use?

Module 2 discussion
Discuss the emerging role and potential political conflict
of the local police involvement in illegal immigrant enforcement.

Module 3 discussion
As a new police officer in a police organization, you are at
the lower level of Maslow’s need hierarchy. How long do you imagine it will
take you to reach the self-esteem or self-actualization rungs in the hierarchy?
Justify your response.

Module 4 discussion
Discuss at least four distinctions between leaders and

Module 5 discussion
Define and discuss disability and reasonable accommodations.
How might they be different for law enforcement than general government

Module 6 discussion
What are the four areas that need to be examined in order to
fully understand the impact of unions on a community? How do they impact the

Module 7 discussion
Explain when department rules and policies might infringe on
the free speech of officers.

Module 8 discussion
Identify and discuss eight recurring reasons why change
occurs in law enforcement.

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