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Module 8 final exam
Question 1 Which
of the following is used to determine whether unwelcome conduct may have
established a hostile environment?
Question options:



Whether the conduct is humiliating

All of the above
Question 2 Which
of the following statements about retirement counseling for police officers is
most accurate?
Question options:

Retirement from law enforcement symbolizes loss of identity,
authority, and a family.

For most police officers, their identity has been punctuated
by their uniform, their service weapons, and their badges.

The average age for retirement for police officers often
coincides with the time at which their children are leaving home.

All of the above.
Question 3 For
what reasons may law enforcement agencies request genetic information from
Question options:

To identify human remains

GINA prohibits acquiring genetic information for any

Both B and C are correct

To make employment decisions related to family history of
mental illness

Question 4 The
least efficient means of downward communication is:
Question options:

written communication only.

the organizational grapevine.

the use of the bulletin board.

oral and written communication combined.
Question 5 Anything
that disrupts communication is referred to as:
Question options:





Question 6 A strike,
which is the withholding of all of labor’s services, is also referred to as a:
Question options:

Work stoppage

Work slowdowns

Work speedups

Court injunction
Question 7 With
respect to the job action called “the vote of confidence,” the typical result
Question options:

no finding either way.

finding of no confidence.

striking immediately.

finding of confidence.
Question 8 Which
of the following is a common type of citizen oversight agency?
Question options:

Police auditors

All of the above

Neighborhood watch groups

Civilian compliance boards

Question 9 The
budget cycle:
Question options:

means that appropriators promise to fund agency programs,
but often prefer to delay actually doing so when the time comes to make a

consists of sequential steps which are repeated every year
at about the same time in a well-operated unit of government.

usually follows the 10% incremental rule.

is the common term used to refer to the budget-cutting power
of the director of finance.
Question 10 The
budget format which emphasizes efficiency rather than effectiveness and is
expensive to operate and develop is the:
Question options:




Question 11 The
foundation of all other budget types or formats:
Question options:

was in vogue following World War II until about 1960.

emphasizes scrutinizing from programmatic results.

is the line-item.

emphasizes effectiveness.

Question 12 A
Type A personality type exhibits all of the following characteristics except:
Question options:

friendly and easy-going nature.

intensity and ambition.

continuous impatience.

continuous pressure to accomplish.
Question 13 According
to Hans Selye, which statement about stress is most accurate?
Question options:

Most stressful events threaten people and provide them with
insurmountable programs.

Stress is always positive.

Many stressful events do not threaten people, but provide
them with pleasurable challenges.

Stress is always negative.
Question 14 __________
occurs when an individual who intends to take his or her life uses the police
to assist in accomplishing that objective by threatening to injure or kill the
police officer.
Question options:

Attempted murder of a police officer



Suicide by Cop

Question 15 An
intentional tort differs from negligence in that:
Question options:

an intentional tort rarely violates constitutional rights
whereas negligence almost always involves the violation of the Bill of Rights.

an intentional tort includes the act of being negligent.

an intentional tort is really a voluntary act such as
assault or malicious prosecution.

an intentional tort is punishable by fine and imprisonment.
Question 16 Material
posted to social network sites can be used to impeach an officer’s credibility.
As a general rule, which of the following tips applies to police use of social
network sites?
Question options:

All of the above.

Do not post pictures of you with a friend who is disrobed.

Do not post pictures of your police equipment.

Do not post pictures of yourself in police uniform.
Question 17 A
tort is:
Question options:

a private injury inflicted on one person by another.

a private injury against the state or federal government.

a public injury or offense against the state, punishable by
fine and/or imprisonment.

an invasion of privacy through illegal search and seizure.

Question 18 Which
of the following is not a typical reason for planned changes to occur within
police organizations?
Question options:

A new police chief has been appointed and implements change
just to show members of the police department who is boss.

The police department has been judged to be generally
deficient in its crime fighting capabilities by the local media or important
interest groups within the community.

Police/minority relations are at an all-time low, in part
because of repeated alleged misconduct by the police in dealing with members of
the minority community.

A police chief and/or other high-ranking police officials
have been indicted for accepting payoffs.
Question 19 What
is an argument in favor of internal change agents?
Question options:

They generally have advanced degrees

Their past experience with similar problems enhances the
expeditious and efficient completion of the task at hand

They have a working knowledge of the formal and informal

They have established credibility because of their
experience, knowledge, and reputation
Question 20 Which
of the following is not an argument commonly made for involving rank-and-file
officers in the decision-making process?
Question options:

It makes for better decisions.

It develops democratic skills and habits.

It heightens morale.

It identifies who should be considered for promotion.

Question 21 The
Equal Pay Act prohibits discrimination in wages based on gender.
Question options:


Question 22 Research
in recent years has indicated that “the grapevine” is the number one problem of
Question options:



Question 23 Grievances
may be limited to matters discussed specifically in a contract that are
primarily contract-related or that pertain to the job.
Question options:



Question 24 The selection of officers for drug testing must be
truly random and part of a clearly articulated drug testing policy.
Question options:



Question 25 Proponents of radical change argue that when
change is swift, unanticipated events can derail the effort before it can be
completed and that gives opponents time to organize themselves to thwart
further implementation.
Question options:


Question 26 Identify and discuss the perceptual, cognitive,
and behavioral disturbances resulting from an officer’s use of deadly
force. Please cite any information taken
from your textbook.
Question 27 Using at least three of the six methods
presented in the textbook to make organizational change succeed, provide an
example of Your Plan to change a major policy within a police department.
Please cite any information taken from your textbook. Please cite any information taken from your
Question 28 Identify and discuss 7 of the 13 steps necessary
to eliminate some of the missteps in e-mail communications within an
organization. Please cite any
information taken from your textbook.
Question 29 Identify and discuss the four possible outcomes
of a professional standards/internal affairs investigation. Please cite any information taken from your
Question 30 Identify and discuss the five ways in which the
Great Recession affected many law enforcement agencies. Please cite any information taken from your

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