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You cannot understand the structure, roles, and mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unless you read about it. The mission of DHS is stated most simply on the page on its Web site. This The DHS mission is expanded on in the missions, goals, and objectives listed in the Quadrennial Homeland Security Report (QHSR). In theory, the various components and agencies within DHS should directly contribute to accomplishing the tasks that are laid out in the QHSR and the overall DHS mission, and their actions should contribute to promoting homeland security (HLS) at the state, local, and private levels. Do they?Your task is to analyze and evaluate 1 piece of this complex puzzle.As part of an HLS graduate class trying to understand and analyze the organization and responsibilities of DHS and its priorities, as well as viable alternatives, select 1 DHS component or agency from the list found at this Web site or 1 Mission Area from the QHSR, found at this Web site.In an essay of 600 words, complete the following:Analyze how this component, agency, or mission area relates to the overall DHS mission.Evaluate whether or not it plays an important part in protection, response, or both.Include a final paragraph evaluating how you think this federal organization or QHSR guidance might impact HLS at the state, local, or industry level.References from reliable sources will bolster the argument. Quotations should be cited using APA format.Deliverable Length: 600 words to include in text citation as well as a introduction

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