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question 1We have discussed a lot about religion in this course. Christianity went through a tremendous amount of changes in America (new churches, different churches, etc.). One faith that came on the scene during the era of the Second Great Awakening was Mormonism. This is talked about a lot now because of people like Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck. The Mormon Church is also one of the most wealthy organizations in America today. We cannot ignore the history here. Is this a legitimate Christian movement? If not, what is it? Why do you think this? Why do you think hundreds of thousands of people flocked to it during this period of time? What do you know about Joseph Smith? Brigham Young? (125 Words)Question 2Immigration brings to mind that most if not all of us are immigrants. Immigration is a big issue today just like during the period we are studying. I have looked into my family and discovered I am Scotish/Irish/German/English/Native American. How about you? Anyone have any interesting stories? I had an ancestor (a Captain in the Revolution) who was reprimanded in writing by George Washington because my ancestor’s wife was fooling around with the soldiers! Oops! Threatened to throw them both in the brig or have them shot. Ouch! Any stories? How was your ancestors or their ethnic group instrumental to this nation? (125 Words)

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