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The website to the very nature of the U.S. area, protecting our CI is complex. The challenge to protect increases considering our vast CI interdependence and the public and private sectors. U.S. policies, networks, the risk management plans, and system designs make up the framework established for protection and resilience of our infrastructures.Terrorism, which is continually evolving, is the driving force for protection. The challenge is preventing attacks even though terrorists use great stealth to develop their destructive plans, as well as use all kinds of weapons to attack their objective, whether it be regular civilians, political figures, military entities, or infrastructure targets.In this discussion, explain which of the 16 sectors of CI you believe will be the next target for a terrorist attack in the U.S. Access the DHS Critical Infrastructure Sectors Website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for a list of sectors. Also, discuss why you chose that particular sector, and what measures could be undertaken to prevent or to mitigate such an attack. Be specific and give examples.should be 2-3 paragraphs

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