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Must have link to article – 300-350 words. Intext ciatations if nessecary.Your assignment is to search for a contemporary news article to critique so you can expose different aspects and concepts of HS in relationship to the IC Agencies. Your article has to capture the public’s interest so it must include a variation of elements of the U.S Policy Maker’s requirements. Some of these elements might include intelligence collection, process, and exploitation, analysis, dissemination and consumption of appropriated information that affects the security concerns in the U.S.Suggested sources: The Internet, newspaper articles, press releases, RSS feeds, Twitter, or other online sites that provide critical news blasts. The sources must be reliable.AssignmentLocate a current, already published news article and critique it. Discuss the articles pros and cons and take a position to report how the different aspects of HS are affected. Point out the successes or failures of current HS policies in relationship to the current event you found and its relationship to IC Agencies. Use any news available to you and use it as a reference source.The broad goal of your news report is to provide evidence of how the IC Agencies function (or not function).

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