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What strategy can be used to problem solve with parents and children?A-setting expectationsB-playing pretendC- RERUND-changing negative messages to positive ones Self- calming _________ and playing pretend are means children use to cope with their feelings.A-behaviorsB-emotionsC-satisfactionD-expression Scaffolding is a term that is used in early childhood development. Which of the following is true about scaffolding?A-The term relates to Vygotsky’s notion of assisted performanceB-Vygotsky believed that only adults should assist performanceC-Adults should avoid scaffolding and let children solve problems on their own to increase their self esteem Which of the following BEST describes social referencing?A-It should always be avoidedB-It is a way adults can calm children fears or warn them of dangerC-It is a way of disempowering children and making them feel smallD-It is a filing system in some schools How can adults help children cope with fears?A-By liking up a brave, gentle, outgoing child with the one who is fearfulB-By telling them not to be afraidC-By disregarding their feelingsD-By refusing to label the feeling When children ae sad or angry why may some adults react strongly?A-Because those adults are in-matureB-Because a child may mirror a deep pain or anger inside the adultC-Because those adults do not know any betterD- Because those adults haven’t been trained well enough to always hide their feelings What is the basis of the significance dimension of self-esteem?A-The individual’s academic abilityB-A feeling of being loved and cared aboutC-How important the person is on the power dimension Which of the following is true about self-esteem?A-It is culturally basedB-It is same across all culturesC-It only relates to children seeing themselves as individualsD-It is not as important as the self-image of the child What develops when a child is given a realistic appraisal of pluses and minuses and the child decides that he/shehas more positive attributes that negative onesA-High self-imageB-High self-actualizationC-High self- conceptD-High self-esteem Where is the first place a child learns to react to a feeling?A-At school with the teacherB-At home with family membersC-At school with peersD-At home on the television Children need more honest feedback and encouragement. Constant overblown_____is no cure for low self esteem A-dimensionB-feedbackC-happinessD-praise

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