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The New Media Consortium consists of educators and technologists exploring new technologies and their impact on the future of education. Each year the NMC publishes a Horizon Report that describes emerging technologies likely to have an impact on “learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education” (NMC, 2016). These reports provide insights for educators, leaders and policy makers. The report examines key trends and challenges that will directly impact higher education and K-12 schools.Instructions:First select and review any one of the most recent publications of the Horizon report:NMC Horizon ReportsDescribe two key trends that interested you most. This is to be a thoughtful posting that demonstrates your research and reflection on each of the Key Trends you describe. Think of yourself as someone who is presenting these key trends to fellow educators as you respond to the following items in your post.For each of two Key Trends:Describe the Key Trend(s) in detail, including any background information and events and current influences leading up to it.Describe an example or scenario that demonstrates the trend in action. Perhaps a classroom or training room situation, or it could be an event that impacts organizations at a broader level. Help your reader connect the trend with real events and activities they can relate to.Discuss Policy and Leadership implications. What should leaders and policy makers do to get ahead of the curve with this new innovation?Finally provide and describe a resource or two that demonstrates each trend. It could be a blog, a website, a journal article, or some other resource. Describe the resource and how it illustrates or supports your position on the key trends you identified in the Horizon Report.Provide the title/publication year of the report in your References Section at the bottom of your post. It should be APA Formatted. Here is an example, although your information should be pertinent to the report you read:New Media Consortium (n.d.). NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition. Retrieved April 19, 2016, from

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