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Directions:1.Review and prepare an overview of the website: overview should be comprehensive and should include theorganizational structure, mission, and programs. The overview shoulddescribe specific ways that the organization approaches the attainment oftheir mission and how that work attempts to impact school children.2.Observe two events that are held by the organization. Discuss yourobservations in the context of the theory below:Hope/ Families and CommunitiesPaulo Friere contends that whatever the perspective through which weappreciate authentic educational practice, the process of authenticeducational practice in itself “implies hope”. For many inner-citycommunities, education continues to hold the greatest hope not only formoving beyond the walls of their community’s economic and socialconstraints, but for appreciating the community they are in, its history andevolution, and for contributing to its promise.3. Compare and contrast the two events. What themes are present duringboth observations? Describe the interactions that you observe. Who isthere? What is their role in education? What is their position regardingthe educational needs of students? What ideas are being expressed,and how? How are children’s educational needs being defined by thisgroup? What do you think of their approach? In what ways are theyeffective in meeting the educational needs of school children? Howcan ideas that you were exposed to be incorporated into your plans formeeting the needs of diverse students in your classroom? What haveyou seen that can be used as a resource to engage students inmeaningful learning based upon instructional goals? What resourcesare apparent that can be used to facilitate adaptations and/oraccommodations required to differentiate learning? Whatcommunication styles and/or techniques did you observe? What haveyou learned about the unique characteristics and learning needs ofdiverse learners from these communities? What have you learnedabout communication with and among diverse groups with a commongoal?Submit three items: (1) comprehensive website overview, (2) the agenda and/or minutes of the two meetings or events, (3) synthesized discussion, critiquing, detailing, comparing and contrasting. Directions and website is attached

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