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write “My Educational Philosophy (Early Childhood Education)” Should be 2 1/2 – 3 page length composition.The following are the guidelines in writing your educational philosophy: Please DO NOT SKIP one guideline.Description of your beliefs about the nature of the children.Statement of the purpose(s) or goal(s) of early childhood education.Description of qualities of good early childhood class, center, or schoolYour beliefs about the most effective way to teach and for children to learn.At least one theory that has influenced your philosophy. (Ex. cognitive development theory, Psychoanalytic theory, Psychosocial theory, Moral development theory, and etc.) (I would suggest choose cognitive developmental theory)The role of the teacher in the teaching – learning process.An idea of what should be included in an early childhood curriculumWhat qualities or dispositions you believe are essential for effective teaching in an early childhood settingStatement of the role of families and the community in the effective education of children.Use pronouns “I” and “My” (First person point of view)12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced.No citation allowed. Rephrase the sentence or paragraph if you use work citation.Should be free of grammatical error.Strong writing is required.

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