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The NFPA 1600 is considered an excellent benchmark for a planner in both the public and private sectors. This standard provides numerous methodologies for defining and identifying risk and vulnerabilities within a community or business/service organization, as well as thorough planning guidelines which address: stabilizing the restoration of the physical infrastructure of the community or business organization; protecting the health and life safety of personnel housed in those communities or businesses; and crisis communications procedures and management structure for both short-term recovery and ongoing long-term continuity of operations within that community or business/service for this a short essay on how this standard has better prepared you to complete an emergency management plan for your community. What did you learn? What new considerations will you now include in your plan? How do you look differently at your community having read this standard?The essay should be 2-3 pages and have a formal introduction, a statement of purpose on the first page, a body and a conclusion.

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