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Question 1: Your employers have indicated that they are changing insurance carriers to an HMO because of the cost savings in premiums. They explain that youâre out of pocket costs may increase if you seek treatment from out of plan providers. You and the other employees are against the change since your current health plan meets your needs well and you have all decided that you would be willing to pay a higher percentage toward your contribution for health care to keep the existing plan.What are the key points for and against making this shift? In your response, include your thoughts on how quality (for the employer and the employee) will be affected? Explain why? What other considerations should employees and the employer consider when making this change?Question 2: You are the administrator for a large mixed specialty medical group and have been approached by the local HMO about accepting their pool of patients in a capitated contract.What must you do to effectively negotiate a contract that will earn the group a profit? What demographic information is needed? How will you capture what type of risk you will have in this contract in terms of cost of delivering care?

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