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End of Term Annotated Assignment Report Format:At the end of the semester, you will be required to write a comprehensive report on all of the chapterreadings, videos, class discussion (6-8 pages). Please draft your assignment on one Word or .pdfdocument and upload to this assignment link. Also, please do not write or paste your work in themessage area. All assignments must be uploaded as a Word or .pdf document. Thank you.1. What did you learn (key book section highlights)? Summarize the main themes within eachpart/section of the textbook and integrate these themes within this annotation report. The firstsection should simply identify the main themes.2. The second section should integrate the main themes among book parts/sections. What do theyhave in common (tip: read the chapter objectives as a beginning framework)? Do you see anyconnections with previous chapter readings? Explain. What is your takeaway?3. The final section should take what you learned from the readings and make direct connectionswith the videos and instructor notes. Are there clear connections? What are they?4. Offer conclusion section that provides a summary, reflection, and discussion. How will you applythis learning in your professional life? Has this course changed your views on teams and groups?What impact does this course have on your leadership style?

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