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How does sleep habits and sleep quality affect one’s lifeConduct an analysis of a real decision problem (personal or managerial) that you are familiar with. An analysis of an important decision problem (again, real) "in the public domain". An experiment involving decision making and decision-analytic tools.You will need to come up with your own main variables, any control variables, how they are labeled,what your value ranges are, your specific data source, and your tentative research question. Your paper must include the following areas: Introduction – What was your project? Why did you choose the topic? What was the main researchquestion? How did completing this project demonstrate Saint Leo University’s core value of excellence? Data – What was your data source? What dates did it cover? What was the web site you obtained itfrom? What variables did you include? Identify all dependent and independent variables. What weretheir values and what do those values signify? Descriptive Statistics – for your primary variables, be sure to include Table 1 below (you can cut andpaste it into your document if you like). Graphs as appropriate – scatterplot, histogram, pie chart, etc. Testing Conducted – what type of test did you conduct? What were the results? Conclusion – Wrap up your report in a concise manner. Clearly state what you learned from the resultsand any potential shortcomings of your analysis. Table 1 – Descriptive Statistics for ????? Add descriptivestatistics measures as needed for your project. Statistic ????? ????? N ? ? Mean ? ? Std. Deviation ? ?Skewness ? ? Minimum ? ? Q1 ? ? Median ? ? Q3 ? ? Maximum ? ? Below, please find the introduction and build from there. For this project, we choose to research the affects that sleep habits and sleep quality have on one’s lifeboth personal health and academically. We choose to complete the project on this topic because it issomething that affects everyone. As a college student, you must find a balance between study time andsleep time without overdoing it. Sad thing is most students choose to study and skip the sleep partthinking they can just make it up later. As out main research question we choose, how does sleep habitsand sleep quality affect one’s life? Excellence-as a student at Saint Leo we learn to live by a certain set ofcore values. At the heart of those core values in one that might have the biggest meaning, excellence. Ifone is to strive for excellence, then the rest of the core values would just be part of everyday life. We arehere for an education and the most important needs of the human body are very basic food, water andsleep. Take away any one of those and you could say that you are not doing everything in your power tobe excellent at your schoolwork. Sleep plays a very important role in memory both before and after youlearn something new. We are here to learn and to be excellent at learning one must sleep.

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