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Beginning in Week 2, you will work through the weekly research stages and writing process towards the creation of a 6-10 page (double spacedâintroduction to conclusion) Semi-Formal Business Report. Topic suggestions are provided; however, if there is a topic youâd like to use that is not on the list, please contact your instructor for approval. Other final project criteria are as follows:The audience for this report is an industry decision-maker, such as your supervisor or CEO, or a public policymaker, such as a politician or bureaucrat, who could act upon your Recommendations.Your report must feature at least one technical illustration, such as a chart, graph, or image that you have created.Your research must consist of a variety of electronic (Web sites, databases, media) and traditional sources (books, journals, magazines). All sources must be cited in the report using The Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting. However, if you are familiar with the American Psychological Association (APA) documentation system, you may use it, but email me to discussion. APA is often used in the business setting, but MLA is what we use here at APUS/AMU and used in other university settings. The MLA or APA choice is for documentation of sources.You will submit your written report in MS Word in Week 7. You must have at least four sources. (Rubric and more details below as well as in Week 7 lesson tab.)You will present a presentation of your report using PPT (MS PowerPoint) in Week 8 (rubric and more details below and in Week 8 lesson tab).Directions: You many choose any of the topics below for your Final Project Report. If you have another topic in mind, you must first get instructor approval before using it. The goal here is for you to choose a topic that genuinely interests you. This topic can be related to your current job or community, or that of your career goals. It is realistic, even if the report scenario is simulate for the purposes of our course. The proposed list of topics is not exhaustive!It is important to understand what organizations are looking for in cover letters and resumes. It is also important to understand the differences between a hard-copy resume and a resume from the Internet. What strategies have proven most successful in getting the writer an interview? Research these questions and present your findings and conclusions.Todayâs employee turn-over rate is high for many organizations. Research has shown that the key to hiring qualified individuals is to first promote the company to current employees. By implementing strategies within the organization that promote respect and cooperation between co-workers and managers, awarding fair compensation, and providing various awards, organizations are better able to retain good employees. Research what other organizations are doing to hire and retain good employees in order to combat the high employee turnover rate. Use this research to make recommendations to the management of your organization.Your company needs to update its Code of Ethics. Because of the immense diversity in todayâs ever-changing workforce, you need to research other organizationsâ codes of ethics. Decide what the new policy should and should not include. Based on your research and conclusions, offer recommendations to your management.You have been asked to review your employee handbook. During this review, you notice many discrepancies between what is stated in the handbook and what actually takes place in your organization. You are asked to research other organizationsâ handbooks to determine any changes that need to be made. Based on your research and conclusions, offer recommendations to your management.Outsourcing has become common in the business world, particularly when an organization experiences large growth. Your organization is pondering whether or not it should establish an in-house advertising department or if it should outsource the advertising to another agency. Research what other organizations in similar circumstances have done to find the advantages and disadvantages of each. Based on your research and conclusions, offer recommendations to your management.Your organization needs to upgrade its computer equipment. A suggestion has been made that leasing this equipment could be more advantageous than purchasing the equipment. You have been asked by management to investigate these options. Research both purchasing and leasing computer equipment, noting the advantages and disadvantages of each. Based on your research and conclusions, offer recommendations to your management.

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