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Do you think experiencing pain and suffering growing up would help build one’s character and make him/her a better person?Although human beings have freedom to make their choices in their lifetime, they do not possess the samefreedom to choose their own families and their upbringing. Some are fortunate to be born and raised in healthyand intact families tendering their material and emotional needs; whereas others are less fortunate and suffer greatloss and even go through great hardships during childhood. You’re required to incorporate two sources provided“Resilience: One Family’s Story” by Megan Freado and “Resiliency and the Mentoring Factor”by Waln K.Brown. You are encouraged to wallow in complexity and in depth. Apply rhetorical appeals and keep youraudience and purpose in mind as you construct your essay. (1000words)Pls help with me develop:* Clear thesis to argue with this topic* Three reasons support thesis*Summarize opposing views fairly*Disagree/ Argue and divert / Argue and dismiss*Conclusion

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