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Question 1. Question :Which of the below behaviors are inappropriate in a course?Posting a racist comment in the threadsTYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IN THE THREADSTyping posts that contain poor grammar, spelling, and no punctuation, requiring others to guess at the meaningPostings such as this: “Can you use spell-check or proofread, or are you just too stupid?”All of the aboveQuestion 2. Question :Ethics involves issues of right and wrong, and emotionally charged issues and ideas; thus, the best way to ensure that my comments are taken in the way I mean them is to _____.generalize ideas about the racial or ethnic groups which display themconsider the impact they may have on those who are different than mesit quietly in the corner of the discussions and hope that others will not ask for my inputassume that other students will value what I valueassume that the instructor will value everything I say or implyQuestion 3. Question :Posting in the course’s threaded discussions is an essential element in our online, asynchronous classroom. Which of the following is not an example of value-adding posting?Bringing an item that has been researched on the Internet with a quote and website linkSimply bringing an opinion statement to the discussion with a phrase like, “Well, I think . . .” (Unsupported opinion)Adding wisdom to a discussion from your personal background or expertiseAsking for clarification of the meaning of another student’s postWriting a response to another student’s post by nameQuestion 4. Question :Which of the following is the most appropriate response for a student to post to another student who has posted this:WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?YOU ARE AS STUPID AS A BOX OF ROCKS!Answer the post very directly and with capital letters for effect.Send an e-mail to that student to correct him or her.Post an equally strong rebuttal.Complain offline to your Student Advisor.Ignore this and allow your instructor to handle it – either directly with the offender or through Student Services.Question 5. Question :Choose from the following choices the way in which collegiality is expressed in our course.A certain tolerance for anger and expressions of it in postsIgnoring the good wisdom that students with particular knowledge bring to the discussionsBehaving carefully so as to not cause offense to other students or quickly take offense at othersAccusing other students of their biases and preconceptionsStating strong opinions and expecting others to follow suit

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