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Subject- EX-Apple CFO Fred Anderson – stock option fraudPAPER GOAL: Paper should illustrate the development of the student’s personal philosophy of ethical leadership in the accounting profession2. Introduce your leader, their company, and the background of the situation.3. This paper should reflect the concepts of leadership, ethical reasoning, and the accounting profession. 4. The paper must include an ethical decision model. (any ethical decision model is fine)5. The paper must clearly cover one major accounting topic we covered in class, as well as any relevantprofessional accounting and auditing literature.6. End your paper with a paragraph outlining the outcome and an end result of your leader’s actions.PAPER FORMAT:1. Title Page Example: When Leaders Fail to Lead: Bernie Madoff (use leader name in title).2. This is to be written in APA format, with at least 2 quoted sources.3. Length 3 – 5 pages (not including title page and exhibits if applicable).4. This paper will be run through the TurnItIn Plagiarism software – anything that comes in over 20% is consideredplagiarized. Make sure most of the paper is your original thoughts & not all quotes.5. 12 point Times New Roman font, Double Spaced, 1 inch margins, running header, page numbering, properlyformatted title page, properly formatted bibliography.

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