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W5:select a topic below: pick any topic except for political views and religion (muslim in US today)What would your life be like if you had/were a different:GenderSkin colorReligion (Muslim in US today)Political viewsEnglish was not your first languagePhysical/mental ability?Then:I will need two attachments from you;First:a topic proposal( which topic did you choose and why).”Try to make your topic specific and as focused as possible rather than choosing a general, broad topic. For example, you may be interested in studying the role of gender in career advancement in higher education or you may be interested in studying a particular organization and their experience with diversity.” ( i just need about 100 words why you picked the topic (Microsoft word).second:write the main paper 2 to 3 pages double spaced about(Microsoft word):How would your life be different if….What would your life be like if you had/were a different…. Gender, Skin color, religion, political views, economic status, English was not your first language, physical/mental ability or other attribute. Try to choose an area that may be challenging to you, such as an opposing political view, sexual orientation or physical or mental condition that you may have little knowledge of. Try to challenge yourself by selecting a path that may be difficult for you to imagine.Note : the first and second must be submitted in two different attachment.

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