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Relying on, using, and applying one of the feminist ethics, examine how it might be applied in the real world. For example, you might considerWhat care ethics look like when applied to business or war.The best way to run a business from the perspective of feminist ethics.How would a feminist ethic transform the way that the military functions or goes about fighting in wars?For example, consider how the ethics of care might be used in deciding whether or not to go to war. The ethics of care may or may not come up with a different answer than, for example, utilitarian principles under the utilitarian (hedonistic) calculus.These are the some of the references we are given:Noddings, N. (2010).The maternal factor: Two paths to morality [Electronic version]. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Retrieved from, R., Williams, N. (Winter 2016 Edition) “Feminist Ethics”,The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Edward N. Zalta (ed.), Retrieved from .Dunn, C., Burton, B. (2016). Ethics of care,Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.Retrieved from

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