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Explain fraud in terms of the
healthcare professions.What is the difference between
fraud and abuse?Anna Devlan is a healthcare
professional. Recently she posted some patient claims; when performing the
coding process, Anna could not find a code that exactly matched the diagnosis
made by the care provider. So she found the closest match and coded that. Did
Anna commit fraud and/or abuse?Why might a hospital need to
periodically run an entire Master Patient Index?If you need to run a report of
all the patients in your practice who were diagnosed with asthma, were African
American, and were under the age of 15, what type of report would you be
running? List three things a registry
might be used for. Why are registries kept in chronological order?Imagine that the state you reside in recently
passed a measure requiring that a report of all immunizations administered at
your practice be submitted to the state office of public health. How would you
go about fulfilling this request while maintaining patient confidentiality? How
could your office use the data to improve patient care?

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