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Final ExamFrom the beginning of the Mesolithic to the end of the Middle Ages, we havebeen tracing the history of three cultures, known to us from myth as the“farmers,” “hunters,” and “herders” respectively. Choose one of these cultures asthe subject for your exam. Using information from the class notes, the textbook,and your own research, describe in detail the history of this culture from itsinception in the Mesolithic to its culmination in the Common Era. Is the cultureyou choose Apollonian or Dionysian? What evidence is there to support thisconclusion? During which era of cultural development was the culture you chosethe dominant culture on the center stage of human history (Neolithic, Bronze Age,or Iron Age)? Describe this era in detail and explain why the culture you chose wasso dominant. Now consider the two eras in which the culture you chose was notthe dominant culture. How does your culture factor in to these two eras? Whatevidence is there to support your conclusions? All three cultures manifestthemselves in different ways in the final two eras (Classical Age and Common Era).How does the culture you chose move from sect to church in the Classical Age?Describe this movement in detail. Does the culture you chose exhibit gnostic orliteralist elements in the Common Era? What evidence is there to support yourconclusions?Humanity Final research paper: at least 6-8 pages. must include work cited.

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