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The final project for this course is the creation of a research paper based on Internship Activities fromthe text.The final paper should demonstrate an understanding of the materials in this course, as well as theimplications of new knowledge gained. The 3–4-page paper should integrate new learning into the targetcompany example and internship work. It may include explanations and examples from previous casesand activities.The purpose of the final paper is for you to synthesize the learning achieved in this course by describingyour understanding and application of knowledge in the area of business systems and the criticalthinking process that has evolved. For this assignment you should choose any two of the conceptsdiscussed throughout the course and integrate your research on these concepts into your case proposalfor the target company.The project is divided into two milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout thecourse to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted inModules Four and Six. The final submission will occur in Module Seven.Prompt In this final case study, you will synthesize the concepts learned throughout the course based ona series of Internship Activities that are the first two milestones. Through the two assignments outlinedin Milestones One and Two, you will recommend solutions to Harrison Kirby, while also incorporatingadditional perspectives and source material to analyze real world scenarios and provide him with optionsto consider as part of his strategy to increase revenue and influence customer interactions andexperiences in his small business. You will leverage both the textbook and external sources to completethe final project. From the milestone assignments, you will find that Kirby is interested in improving hisbusiness through the use of technology. As you learned in the first two cases you worked for Kirby, he isfocused on revenue through e-commerce and customer experience through intelligent systemsincorporated with his web presence. Take the opportunity to provide Kirby with some other technologyopportunities to consider that would support his business venture in e-commerce and intelligentsystems. Within your final paper, choose two of the concepts below drawn from course readings. Providedetail and an explanation for each concept, which will demonstrate how each can be leveraged tosupport business growth and/or create a streamlined operation for Kirby. Make sure to leverage soundexamples, products, and references where appropriate to further substantiate your findings. Course Concepts: Big data and knowledge management Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce Socialcomputing Cloud computing Business analytics and business intelligence solutionsYour final product should answer this question: How will technology position Harrison Kirby’s businessfor future growth and for the enhancement of both customer alignment and efficiency?Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:1. Case Synthesis a) What is the purpose in Harrison Kirby asking you to collect this data and how will itimpact his business? Start the assignment with 2–3 paragraphs providing a description of Kirby’sbusiness and the industry in which he operates. In this type of contemporary business organization, what is the central role that IT is playing for Harrison Kirby? b) Find a complementary or competing companyin the same industry as Mr. Kirby’s. Take time to research the company and provide supported evidenceto communicate how IT may be playing a strategic role for that company in order to maintain or gain acompetitive advantage.2. Security and Ethics a) What are the security or control issues that should be addressed as part of thetechnology selection process for Kirby’s business? b) Propose how you would address ethics orinformation security issues as part of the technology selection process for Kirby’s business.3. Findings and Recommendations a) As the technical liaison for Kirby, you are providing him with criticalinformation that he will use in making decisions on expanding the use of technology to improve hispractice. It is important that you write your response with conviction through well-developedrecommendations based on sound reasoning and evidence. b) Include an embedded Excel object inyour final Word document submission that includes a matrix of technical options that Kirby shouldconsider in his decision making process. The Excel file should include the columns below in an examplebased on cloud computing. Make sure that you communicate to Mr. Kirby the challenges he shouldexpect to face when introducing new technology into his business.c) Comment and provide examples of how Mr. Kirby can use this new technology to make bettermanagement decisions for his business in the future.Articulation of Response Always include a title page with your name, the date, the coursename/number, the title of the assignment or paper, and the revision (if applicable). In the body of thepaper, use headings and sub-headings. Do not jump from subject to subject without providing some typeof heading beforehand. Use correct grammar and punctuation. Capitalize the first word of a sentence. Make the presentation as professional as possible. Think, “If someone were to look at this paper, whatwould they think?” Sloppy papers may have correct answers, but they still leave an overall “messy”feeling when read. Make sure you understand how to cite reference material within the text of yoursubmission (e.g., according to John, “citing in text is a key concept in this course” [Doe, 2013]). 456 TechnologyConcept Product/Service Name URL Solution Type Licensing/Cost CloudComputing Amazon AWS Storage– 30GB Free Use Case /ValueStatementBusinesscontinuity Due AmazonEBS to the sensitivenature oftransactionand customerdata for Kirby,he shouldconsider abackup/storagesolution wherehe can quicklyrecover from apotentialcatastropheand retaincustomers tominimize lossand get back tobusinessquickly.

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