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The Topic is The Urbanization of Chicago here are the requirementsThe final project should consist of a PowerPoint presentation. Note, there are also free options for presentation software, such as Prezi, Impress (OpenOffice), Google Slides, etc. You can feel free to use these options as well.The presentation will be posted in the Course Project Presentation Discussion. Be sure to read the projects created by other students in the class.Your project presentation should consist of the following:The project should consist of approximately 15 – 20 slides.The slides should include:Title slide / name of the author (1 slide)Introduction – a description of the geographic theme addressed in the project (1 slide)Map of the area of study (1 – 2 slides)Geographic and demographic data for the area of study (4 slides)Include graphs and/or charts for other geographic data relevant to the project topic (such as economic, cultural, physical or social data)Content slides describing the topic (6 slides)Summary of the project (1 slide)Conclusion (1 slide)References – at least 5 references. Use MLA format for citations.The semester project will be graded using the course project score sheet.

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