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Financial barriers are something we all can relate to, regardless of demographic variable we are focused on. This is a compounding problem that only gets more complex the further the system dives in to attempt a rescue. For many of us reform might be the answer, it is a national problem and as we are citizens of this country is will affect us. A term that gets misused often is “common good”, this is a approach that will respond to the common good of the nation. We must take responsibility for our uses of this resource, healthcare is controversial in it being a right or a privilege, but its all perspective. Once the nations comes down from the scare of reform, its concept and theory is solid; the way its introduced is the biggest concern. With influences from every angle I am hard pressed to say that each standard of operation and stakeholder is ethical and moral in their goals for the reform, there will be further concerns that unravel in all transitions of this nature. How might the state of economics be affected by universal healthcare, Affordable Care Act?

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