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Writing a draft paper based on the following case example The paper should follow these steps TOPIC 2: Financial Democracy? INTRO: lay out your argument (one paragraph) Part 1: (1 and half pages max) Explain the financial crisis as discussed by Sternberg and in the movie Inside Job. What groups does Sternberg blame? Give an argument against her view. Part 2: (2-3 pages) What business model is best to prevent future financial crises, the Mondragon Solidarity Economy model or CS CSR? Argue for one and against the other using an example from the CASES email. (make sure to explain both models in your discussion) Part 3: Even though you have argued that one view is the better view, what limitation does it face? What is its weakness or blind spot? (half page) Part 4: Respond to the criticism in part 3 and bring in another reading (Newton, Daly, Seikatsu etc.) to modify and defend your view (half page) SUMMARY (one paragraph)

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