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For this Discussion, think about the recruitment and retention strategy that you will need to develop for your simulation company. You are faced with some daunting challenges as a leader in a growing international organization, which may include but not be limited to;Leading multiple generations in the workplace with differing wants and needs,Growing global organization with cultures that have differing expectations, andBudgetary constraints that you need to be aware of when looking to recruit and retainUsing the support materials in the simulation, your additional research (at least 3 academically credible sources), personal experience, and tools that you have gained in other Kaplan courses, you will present for discussion a post that contains these elements as a base:Main ResponseFrom your research, what are the challenges leaders will face in finding and retaining great employees? Are there differences culturally or demographically?Talk about the elements of dissatisfaction from your employee survey and how you would be able to use the results of your research create a plan to reduce these problems. Include information on how you would measure the results of this plan on the bottom line of the company.

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