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The Cause and Effect EssayInstructionsSelect a current event or condition for which you can find at least one article in a national news magazine or a journal related to your work. Write a short essay explaining the cause(s) and/or effect(s) of that event.DevelopmentCompose at least a three to five-page analysis. Observe standard paragraphing conventions. Incorporate at least one quotation from the source in the development of your discussion. Follow appropriate patterns for citations of authors and sources in “Analytical Paragraph” handout (See the “Instructional Materials”).FormatFor organization, use the appropriate mode for organizing cause and effect analysis (see your notes from class discussion and examples in your text readings).Criteria for GradingYour essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:1) Development of the essay following an appropriate organizational plan2) Clarity of the process3) Demonstrated mastery of the conventions of standard American written English

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