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Critical Thinking Chapter 2 Oceanography1. How does the lithosphere of the deep-ocean basin differ from the lithosphere of the Continents?2. What are some of the implications of the slow pace of the geological processes involved in therock cycle?3. Compare and contrast the geological characteristics of the continental margins of the west andeast coast of North America.4. Explain why oceanic crust becomes older with increasing distance from the mid-ocean ridgesystem.5. What conditions are required for violent volcanic eruptions in the continental margins?6. Summarize the key evidence in support of the theory of plate tectonics.7. How does land subsidence influence mean sea level in coastal areas?8. How might investigating ultraslow divergent plate boundaries benefit our understanding of Earthhistory?9. How do turbidity currents help maintain submarine canyons?10. Explain why a hydrothermal vent community may have a limited life expectancy (10 to 100 yearsor so).

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