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Critical Think Chapter 3 Oceanography1. If ice were always denser than liquid water, speculate on some of the consequences.2. Describe the seasonal changes in temperature of the ocean surface first in subtropical and thenin polar latitudes. Explain the differences.3. Describe how changes in the phase of water bring about a transfer of heat energy within theEarth system.4. The ocean is a major player in Earth’s climate system. Explain why.5. River water ultimately empties into the ocean and yet the average salinity of river water is muchless than the average salinity of seawater. Explain the difference.6. How do biological processes influence the type and amount of gases dissolved in seawater?7. What is the significance of a seawater salinity of 24.7?8. What factors govern surface water salinity in the open ocean?9. Explain how surface water salinity can act as a rain gauge over large areas of the ocean.10. Identify two conservative properties of seawater. Explain why these are consideredconservative.

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