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Critical Thinking Chapter 61. Suppose that the surface wind is blowing from the north along the Oregon coast. Predict thedirection of Ekman transport of surface waters. Would you expect coastal upwelling or downswelling?2. Compare the direction of Ekman transport in the subtropical gyres of the Northern Hemisphereversus the Southern Hemisphere. Explain the difference.3. How might rings (warm core and cold core eddies) influence the intensity of storm systems overthe ocean?4. How and why do coastal upwellling and downwelling affect sea surface temperatures?5. Define thermohaline circulation and describe how it is maintained in the ocean.6. What role is played by the Coriolis Effect in western boundary currents?7. Describe the relationship between trade winds and biological productivity along the equator.8. How does a semi- permanent subtropical atmosphere high pressure system influence the salinityof the underlying surface ocean waters?9. Describe the weather conditions that would favor upwelling along the Wisconsin coast of LakeMichigan.10. How does the wind direction over the Arctic Ocean compare to the direction of motion of theunderlying ice floes?

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