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Critical Thinking Chapter 91. Summarize the reasons why marine ecological efficiency is relatively low.2. If no photosynthesis or biological pump operated in the ocean what is likely to happen to theconcentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide?3. All other factors being equal how does sea surface temperature affect the rate at which carbondioxide dissolves in seawater?4. How might the law of minimum apply in the event of a major change in climate?5. How do humans attempt to increase ecological efficiency?6. Explain why bioaccumulation of toxins often is a more serious problem in marine food webs thanin terrestrial food webs.7. What are the basic requirements for primary production at ocean depths above thecompensation depth?8. Identify factors that reduce the flux of carbon from surface ocean waters to the ocean depths.9. What are the implications of iron fertilization for ocean acidification?10. Human feed at what level of a marine food web?

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