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Critical Thinking Chapter 4 Oceanography1. What sequence of events could account for the presence of relatively coarse sediment on thedeep ocean floor?2. Why are quartz grains and clay particles the most common lithogenous sediments transportedto the ocean by rivers and streams?3. How might a lower pH of seawater affect the abundance of calcareous sediment thataccumulates on the sea floor?4. Only a small fraction of the particles entering Earth’s atmosphere from outer space reach theocean floor as cosmogenous sediment. Explain why.5. What is the significance of the carbonate compensation depth (CCD)? How might oceanacidification affect the CCD?6. What would explain the near absence of sediment on some portions of the deep-ocean floor?7. How might abyssal storms affect the interpretation of past climate episodes obtained fromanalysis of deep-sea sediment cores?8. Is the composition of biogenous sediment on the ocean floor always an indicator of the type ofmarine organisms living in the surface waters directly above?9. List the advantages and disadvantages of mining in an EEZ versus the open-ocean beyond theEEZ.10. Explain why the bulk of lithogenous sediment originates at relatively high land elevatious.

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