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M06 Discussion: Oregon Right-To-Die Law looking for multipule answers need this for 2 discussion questionsAssignment: Oregon’s Right-to-Die LawSeveral states, including Oregon, Washington and Vermont currently have right-to-die laws. California’s Governor also recently signed such a law. This assignment requires you to research Oregon’s Right-To-Die Law.Instructions:Study pages 570-571 of your textbook which outlines the history of the right-to-die movement in the US from 1937 through 2008.Research the provisions of the 1997 “Oregon Death with Dignity Act” and the results since it has been in effect.Then post an essay expressing your opinion on the law. Is it a good law or a bad law?Reply to another student who expressed a different opinion. Have a productive discussion of the pros and cons.Please post this assignment early in the week so that students have postings to review and to reply to.Be respectful and courteous in your discussions.

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