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Paper should be presented in essay format, with paragraphs, a title, an introduction, conclusion and reference list. Your response should beat least 500 words, *single spaced*.- Begin with a formal analysis of Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture of Apollo and Daphne (1625). That is, describe its “observable properties of matter” as appropriate for sculpture, such as Shape and Form, Carving Technique, Space, Texture, Color, Repetition, Variety, Rhythm, Balance, Compositional Unity, Emphasis, Economy, Proportion, its experience “in the round”, etc. Look closely. And look at other reproductions and details of the image on the web (using Google Image and Video Search) to look even closer. Be very detailed and use the terminology you are learning from your readings within each category. Present your analysis in essay paragraph style, not in bullet points or “point form”.- Then, interpret this sculpture by doing historical research. Tell us what the sculpture means, why Bernini made the artistic choices he did, and the scholarly/critical reception it had in its time (not today). You may discuss its style, symbolism, politics and philosophy. You may wish to compare/contrast it to other sculptures of Bernini or to the sculptures of his contemporaries. What makes Bernini’s piece so important?

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