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At least 800 wordspick one character the three plays in the Oresteia, the Philoctetes, the Ajax, the Hecubaand the Trojan Women), choosing from the following: Clytaemestra, Orestes, Odysseus (in the plays, NOT in the Odyssey), Ajax or Hecuba (note that your character may appear in more than one play – acknowledge this and discuss similarities and/or differences as to how the character appears in each play).Then describe how your life is an could be framed as a journey like that of the chosen character. Make sureyou deal with these following issues and GIVE DETAILS FROM THE PLAYS to support your comparison. Note that the aspects of your own journey will undoubtedly be much less extreme than the situations in the plays – they are Greek tragedies after all. You will make analogies between your experiences and those of the characters.Travels and new things seen or observed.Lessons about life and the world learned through the experiences you have had.How you have been involved in maintaining or restoring the social order.How you have been involved with some process of identity formation or restoration.Obstacles you have overcome.

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