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Choose one of the following 3 social polices:1. Stop and Frisk2. Needle Exchange3. Sex Offender Registries A. Define the policyB. Summarize the major argument/s for using such a policyC. Summarize the major argument/s against using such a policyD. Describe you own position on the program and suggest any changes to the policy you would make to increase its success if possible.A minimum of 5 sources are required. Acceptable sources include:1. Journal Articles2. Books (Textbook is acceptable)3. Newspapers (such as New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, etc.)4. Government reports (Federal, State, etc)5. Non-profit reports (groups such as the Urban Institute, Heritage Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson, etc)6. Documentary Films7. Personal InterviewsAll Sources must be from 2005-Present**(Any source before 2005 must be approved by me)WIKIPEDIA IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SOURCEThe paper must be 5 pages (not including works cited page) size 12 font (Times New Roman), double spaced, and in MLA format (author, page). Additional MLA information can be found online at

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