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Hmgt310 Assignment
#4: Final project – Roots of Organizational Policy
Assignment #4. Roots of Organizational Policy
Two weeks ago (Week 6) each student selected (1) a specific
management area from a list provided and (2) a policy manual pertaining to the
specific management area.
Last week (Week 7):
(1) Each student mapped out and described a minimum of five
(5) organizational policies (from the policy manual selected) that is linked to
federal or state legislative mandates or regulations. Note that some
organizational policies may be required for accreditation and also related to
public policy. This is the case with many NCQA standards.
(2) Prepared a report to be presented in a PowerPoint slide
presentation format. There should be no more than 10-15 content slides. It
should include a cover slide (at the beginning) and a reference slide (at the
end). The content for the slides should draw on what the student has learned
throughout this class including (a) a summary of each organizational policy;
(b) the federal/state legislative roots (or links) for the policy (by name and
statute); (c) any pending changes to the legislation; (d) the student’s metrics
for the organization in terms of performance.
(3) A draft of the complete set of slides was posted as an
attachment by 11:59 pm Sunday 4/30/17 (Week 7) for peer and class review in a
dedicated online discussion forum and also for Instructor review.
These are the 15 Health Management Areas (one was selected):

1. facilities planning and maintenance
2. occupational health & safety
3. prevention programs for health disparities
4. payment processing and billing
5. human resources
6. health information technology and EMR
7. pharmacy services
8. laboratory services
9. supply chain
Medical Equipment/ Technology
10. patient/customer and community relations
11. patient support services
12. strategic planning and new service development
13. advertising or marketing
14. Internal Quality Control
15. Direct Patient Care
This week (Week 8):
(4) Each student should review each set of slides and write
comments on the slides of 2 student peers by 11:59 pm Wednesday
(5) At 11:59 pm on Wednesday 12/14, each student’s comments
on at least 3 peers’ slides are due in the online discussion forum set up for
that purpose.
(7) After 12:01 am on Thursday and before 11:59 pm on
Sunday, each student should submit their completed Assignment #4 (Submitted
after they have incorporated any review suggestions on their slides from class
peers and the professor.

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