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Week 5 discussion
This week, post stating your views on the following topics
after reviewing this week’s course materials: (1) What do you think of
mandatory public health reporting? (2) How important and how successful has it
been in the US?
This week, post and start a class discussion thread by 11:59
PM on Wednesday, based on the above questions posed by the Professor. Post a
response to the threads of at least two other students in the class. The first
response should be posted by 11:59 PM on Thursday and the second by 11:59 PM on
Saturday. You should post all your responses by 11:59 PM on Saturday. All posts
are evaluated based on promptness, initiative, relevance, have a clear and
concise expression, and contribute to the learning community. The grading
rubrics are presented above in the Discussion Directions and Discussion
Expectations and Grading section

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