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dq 1Hotels in Small Communities (graded)The local community lodging industry with its two or three property types makes for an interesting discussion. (1) What types of properties are present in your community, and how have they evolved? (2) How does each meet guest needs? (3) What kind of technology do they apply to serve guest needs?Begin by answering question (1) as a group, and then move into questions (2) and (3) later in the week at the direction of your instructor.dq 2Business & Pleasure Travelers (graded)Business and pleasure travelers are the bread and butter of most hotel’s occupancy rates. After reading about these types of travelers in pp. 285-287 of your text, begin this discussion by describing how you think the hotel industry can best serve the needs of business travelers. Later in the week, at your instructor’s direction, begin to discuss how the hotel best serves the needs of the pleasure traveler. By the end of the week, each class member should be able to summarize this discussion by providing a list of the ways each segment requires similar and different guest services.

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