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How can solid waste incineration be of benefit?it can generate methanethe heat from waste combustion can be used to generate energyit can be used to clean the airthe fly ash can be used as compost or mulchWhat is one problem associated with the incineration of solid waste?the waste is radioactiveleachate the may contaminate groundwaterhazardous chemicals are often created and released into the atmospherethe volume of waste increasesWhich of the following conditions results from the operation and subsequent use of old landfills built before 1976?Leachate from old landfills can contaminate groundwater.Decommissioned landfills cannot be used as locations for schools, industries, parks, or golf courses for 300 years after the closing of the landfill.Modern sanitary landfills are lined with a porous material.Hydrogen gas is generated by the organic decomposition and can be sold as a by-product.As recycling and composting efforts have grown, what has occurred with the annual amount of waste sent to landfills?it has disproportionally increasedit has proportionally decreasedit has stayed the sameit has proportionally increased What is the difference between the amount of paper within the waste stream before and after recycling/composting?1.2%11.2%16.2%27.4%

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