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Exam1 Question 1 (2 points) Question 1 UnsavedWhich of the following is NOT an environmental factor that
could impact workforce planning?Question 1 options: A corporate culture of hiring from within An economic downturn A high rate of unemployment A competitor across townSaveQuestion 2 (2 points) Question 2 UnsavedHuman resource planning activities most directly involve
__________.Question 2 options: assessing external environmental factors all of these generating technological replacements for labor forecasting labor requirements and availabilitiesSaveQuestion 3 (2 points) Question 3 UnsavedWhich of the following is NOT prohibited by the ADA?Question 3 options: Refusing to grant a specifically requested accommodation Refusing to interview a person who is disabled Asking a job applicant if he/she is disabled Requiring medical exams of job applicantsSaveQuestion 4 (2 points) Question 4 UnsavedIf tasks/dimensions are not formally weighted on a job
description, then:Question 4 options: Affirmative Action non-compliance will result. all tasks/dimensions are assessed as equally important by
default. Markov analyses cannot be developed. the job description has no value.SaveQuestion 5 (6 points) Question 5 UnsavedProvide a brief explanation of how the HR functions of
compensation and training are influenced by staffing decisions.Provide a brief explanation of how the HR functions of
compensation and training are influenced by staffing decisions.EXAM2 Exam 2Question 1 Criterion measures are not used in the
calculation of content validity.TrueFalseQuestion 2 Perfect reliability is impossible to achieve
because of the presence of measurement error.TrueFalseQuestion 3 Most staffing measures can be best described as
being on a ratio scale.TrueFalseQuestion 4 The extent to which scores on a knowledge test
truly reflect a job applicant’s knowledge is a measure of the test’s validity.TrueFalseQuestion 5 Unlike KSAOs, competencies usually describe
characteristics __________.that are broad and may include multiple factorsof individuals that contribute to job performancethat are used for selecting individualsof organizational reward systemsQuestion 6 Which method of recruiting is most effective at
reducing turnover?ConsiderateBrandedRealisticTargetedQuestion 7 Which method of recruiting is designed to be used
when an organization is seeking a specific set of KSAOs?TargetedBrandedRealisticConsiderateQuestion 8 The larger the magnitude of the correlation
coefficient, __________.the smaller its statistical significancethe greater the practical significancethe larger its rangethe smaller its practical significanceQuestion 9 Write a brief example of a realistic recruiting
message for your own organization (or an organization with which you are very
familiar). Describe why you wrote your example as you did.Question 10 Your boss asks you to explain how content validity
would be used to evaluate interview questions for the job of movie theater
usher. Provide a brief explanation to help her understand.EXAM3Question 1 (1 point) Question 1 UnsavedCognitive ability tests are excellent predictors for
executive and professional level jobs; they are of no value for entry level,
clerical, or blue collar jobs.Question 1 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 2 (1 point) Question 2 UnsavedWhen the federal government needed to hire airport security
screeners, applicants started the process of getting a job with a structured
interview and physical ability test.Question 2 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 3 (1 point) Question 3 UnsavedThe greater the correlation of any predictor with other
predictors of an outcome, the more useful the predictor will be.Question 3 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 4 (1 point) Question 4 UnsavedIt is unlawful for a selection procedure to screen out
individuals with disabilities, unless the procedure is job-related and
consistent with business necessity.Question 4 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 5 (1 point) Question 5 UnsavedIn assessing cutoff scores, a “false negative” is
an applicant who is assessed as not likely to succeed but who would have been
successful if hired.Question 5 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 6 (2 points) Question 6 UnsavedIf a cutoff score is set based on the qualifications deemed
necessary to perform a job, it is most likely the __________ method of
determining cut scores.Question 6 options:bandingcriterion-relatedminimum competencytop-downSaveQuestion 7 (2 points) Question 7 UnsavedIn comparing internal selection with external selection, an
advantage of internal selection is that __________.Question 7 options:there is less need to use multiple predictors in assessing
internal candidates than with external candidatesinternal selection requires few procedures to locate and
screen viable job candidatesinformation about internal candidates tends to be more verifiable
than information about external candidatesinternal selection presents fewer dangers of incurring legal
liability than external selectionSaveQuestion 8 (2 points) Question 8 UnsavedThe correlation between structured interviews and cognitive
ability tests is __________.Question 8 options:moderately positivezerohighly positivemoderately negativeSaveQuestion 9 (2 points) Question 9 UnsavedWhich of the following methods is the most valid predictor
of performance?Question 9 options:Handwriting analysisBiodata formsPersonality testsUnstructured interviewsSaveQuestion 10 (7 points) Question 10 UnsavedBriefly discuss when and how a personality test might be
useful in the selection process. Give an example of 2 jobs where personality
tests might be used, and explain why they would be used.EXAM 4 Question 1 (2 points) Question 1 UnsavedWhich of the following is appropriate prior to making a job
offer?Question 1 options: Asking candidates if they have a history of medical problems Asking candidates if they have a disability Requiring candidates to take a psychological exam to detect
mental illness None of the above are appropriate Asking candidates what type of accommodations they may need
to perform the jobSaveQuestion 2 (2 points) Question 2 UnsavedIn terms of who should participate in selection decision
making (i.e., HR professionals vs. line managers), HR professionals would be
least likely to __________.Question 2 options: ensure relevant laws and regulations are being followed represent the interests of employees to management make the hiring decision establish selection proceduresSaveQuestion 3 (2 points) Question 3 UnsavedWhich of the following is a potential benefit associated
with voluntary employee turnover?Question 3 options: New vacancy creates hiring or promotion opportunity Infusion of new ideas and skills to the organization None of these Both of the aboveSaveSave________________________________________Question 5 (10 points) Choose one of the jobs below. Briefly discuss: (1) how you
would recruit applicants, (2) three selection tools you would use and why, and
(3) what you could do to maximize retention in (3a) the first month of
employment and (3b) the first 12 months of employment. Fast Food Cashier
Sales Associate at Car Dealership Paralegal

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