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Module 2 discussion
Respond to the following situation:
You probably do not work at a movie theater. So think about
your own job. How would you conduct a job analysis for your own job title? In a
few sentences, briefly describe a plan for how to analyze your job. Who should
be involved? What methods will you use to gather information? How long will it
take to complete the process?
Post an initial response no later than Thursday 11:59 PM
Specifically focus your responses to your peers’ initial
postings using the following prompts:
Why do you think your peers chose the individuals and
methods they did?
Do you think your peers’ expectations are realistic and will
provide a complete picture of their job titles?
What did your peers neglect to mention that would add to
their job analysis efforts?
Based on what you learned from Stetz’s article, should your
peer have any concern about carelessness or bias entering into his/her
Post at least two responses to your classmates no later than
Sunday 11:59 PM EST/ED

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