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Module 6 discussion
Respond to the following situation:
Your boss sent you the following email this morning:
“Headquarters just told us we need to cut our HR department
costs and our time to hire. I need you to look at our selection procedures and
recommend what tools we can eliminate from our process to save time and money.”

It is up to you to determine which TWO of the following
selection procedures to eliminate. (Note: when responding, assume none of these
procedures are required by law):
Resume Check
Biographical Information Blank
Reference Check
Job Knowledge Test
Integrity Test
Panel Interview
Drug Test
Which procedures would you recommend eliminating? Defend
your recommendations: Why did you suggest these specific procedures? Where and
how could you compensate for the eliminated procedures?
Post an initial response no later than Thursday 11:59 PM
Specifically focus your responses to your peers’ initial
postings using the following prompts:
Why do you think your peers should not have eliminated
specific procedures?
What issues did your peers miss when they recommended
specific procedures?
What additional support can you add to your peers’
Post at least two responses to your classmates no later than
Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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