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Module 8
Conduct either an exit interview, OR what Sullivan calls a
“stay interview”:
Exit Interview
Conduct a “post-exit” interview with someone who has
voluntarily left a job within the past 2 years. You may not interview yourself,
and you may not interview someone who was fired, laid off (no involuntary
turnover), or someone who left due to retirement or a medical issue (no
unavoidable turnover).
Stay Interview
Conduct a stay interview with a colleague, friend, or significant
other who has been with his or her organization for at least 2 years. Again,
you may not interview yourself. Likewise, do not interview a coworker unless it
is within your power to make changes based on the coworker’s feedback.
In your interview, obtain the following information:
Job title
Brief job description
Approximate length of time in the job
For an exit interview:
Reasons for leaving the job
Any attempts to negotiate with the organization before
For a stay interview:
Reasons for staying on the job
Reasons the employee would consider leaving
Summarize this information in a discussion post to share
with your classmates. Additionally, use what you have learned from this
module’s readings to highlight aspects of the job that may lead/or may have led
to voluntary turnover and any retention efforts that could be/could have been
used to keep that employee working at the job.
Post an initial response no later than Thursday 11:59 PM
Specifically focus your responses to your peers’ initial
postings using the following prompts:
How do your peers’ interviews compare with your own
What else could you recommend to address the turnover issue
that your peers did not mention?
Do you think your peers’ recommendations for retention are
realistic? Will they help to decrease the potential for turnover? Why or why
Post at least two responses to your classmates no later than
Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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