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Question 1 (2 points) Question 1 Unsaved
Which of the following is appropriate prior to making a job
Question 1 options:

Asking candidates if they have a history of medical problems

Asking candidates if they have a disability

Requiring candidates to take a psychological exam to detect
mental illness

None of the above are appropriate

Asking candidates what type of accommodations they may need
to perform the job
Question 2 (2 points) Question 2 Unsaved
In terms of who should participate in selection decision
making (i.e., HR professionals vs. line managers), HR professionals would be
least likely to __________.
Question 2 options:

ensure relevant laws and regulations are being followed

represent the interests of employees to management

make the hiring decision

establish selection procedures
Question 3 (2 points) Question 3 Unsaved
Which of the following is a potential benefit associated
with voluntary employee turnover?
Question 3 options:

New vacancy creates hiring or promotion opportunity

Infusion of new ideas and skills to the organization

None of these

Both of the above
Question 5 (10 points)

Choose one of the jobs below. Briefly discuss: (1) how you
would recruit applicants, (2) three selection tools you would use and why, and
(3) what you could do to maximize retention in (3a) the first month of
employment and (3b) the first 12 months of employment.

Fast Food Cashier
Sales Associate at Car Dealership Paralegal

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