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HRM 531 Performance ManagementAnalyze the Performance Management System used in your current orformer organization with regards to effectiveness and efficiency.Instructions:Write at least a full 4-page APA formatted research paper (Cover Page andReference Page are additional pages) with at least 3 in-text citationsfrom the text: Chapter 14 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT15TH Edition, Gary DesslerAnalyzes the Performance Management System used in your current orformer organization. Was or is the Performance Management Systemeffective (doing the right think) and was or is the PerformanceManagement System efficient (doing it well)? Explain your rationale and how you believe it improved (or not) the actual performance of employees.Recommend improvements in the Performance Management System.Is your recommendation consistent with your employer’s organizationalgoals/strategy, why or why not? How would an organization measure the effective and efficieny of their PMS?IMPORTANT!!!”Include a Thesis and Preview in the firstparagraph of the paper, and a Final Conclusion and Summary in the last paragraph of thepaper. Remember to apply the material represented by the in-text citations to the subject ofthe assignment.”

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