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HRM 531Total CompensationAnalyzes and explains the type of compensation componentsyou wouldlike to have through your employer (or past employer) that is not currently offered.Instructions:Faculty assigns to each student a paper: Write atleast a full 4-page APA formatted research paper (Title Page andReference Page are additional pages) with at least 3 in-text citationsfrom the text: analyzes the type of compensation component (and why) you would like to havethrough your current/past employer that is not currently offered. Explain yourrationale – and ROI estimate. Is your request consistent with your employer’s organizationalgoals and strategy/ why or why not? Include a Thesis and Preview in the firstparagraph of the paper and a Final Conclusion and Summary in the last paragraph of thepaper Remember to apply the material represented by the in-text citations to the subject ofthe assignment.

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