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Week 6 discussion
Question 1
Begin by defining Performance Management in your own words.
Next, identify three (3) of the performance issues discussed in the assigned
readings or that you’ve identified through your independent research. First
define each and then discuss the issues of each as they impact the performance
review process. How can an HRM mitigate each of the issues?
Don’t forget to include two references.
Question 2
Begin by defining Performance Management in your own words.
Next, identify three (3) best practices for a performance evaluation system
discussed in the assigned readings. Conduct a bit of independent research and
compare or contrast the ideas of at least one reference you find interesting.
As you develop your ideas be sure to include your thoughts
about which are the important aspects of an improvement plan and defend your
argument by explaining why they are so important.
Don’t forget to include your reference to support your
Question 3: What haven’t we focused on? (Everyone Responds)
There is a wealth of information available in our text and
in the literature! Similar to the situation in Week 3, I cannot possibly ask
you questions about every topic and concept – but I want to make sure you know
the material. For example, we didn’t talk about the new recommendation that
performance reviews be conducted more frequently – as in monthly.
For this last topic, I would ask you to select a topic that
sparked your interest this week and summarize your understanding about the
topic. I would like to see at least two paragraphs in which you explain your
understanding about any aspect of the employee performance management – whether
it’s ideas about the process issues, techniques, or procedures. Conduct
independent research and include your sources. You get to choose your focus.

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